No Other Road – Barry Keys

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After publishing a bunch of songs with Mike Post, I was offered a recording contract by Irwin Pincus and Irwnin Mazur over at Columbia. I was very excited and I was believing or thinking that I am really on my way. However, my lawyer, George Kiefer, recommended that I not sign. He said things were changing for singer/songwriters. He was right. They were signing so many artists, that people were paid less and getting less support on projects. I had no label and hit a dead end. But, I was in motion. I had to do what I set out to do. Without thinking about it, I put everything I had into this project. Since I had already built a studio in Santa Monica, I knew where to record it.  I gave myself a good rate on the studio time and paid the musicians well. It was one of those classic stay up all night and get it right projects. All of the musicians and studio staff were into it. Avi Kipper agreed to engineer and produce. Everybody was splendid. Late night mixing without automation was another fun challenge. Dennis Sager got us into Kendun to help with the mixes. We mastered at K-Disc on Sunset, which had just re-tuned their rooms.

Then, we took it on the road. This was an improvised tour where we stumbled through places that you didn’t really always know what you were getting into. It was mostly a string of surprising victories. The small California towns that we visited were more than ready to hear live music. We played with a creative edge that shocked ourselves. Because we didn’t know what we were doing, we were doing things that we had never done before. Musically, we were experimenting all the time.

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I’m sure that we were just in the right place at the right time. But we sold vinyl out of the trunk of the Buick and out of the back of the van (Chevy). This was before CD’s and before the internet. I am so blessed to have been involved in this adventure at this time because everything had been worked out. How to record to multi-channel recording tape. How to master a vinyl record. How to read an auto club fold-out map. Gas was cheap and food was good.

The reason this album is available is because a group of fans in Italy requested it. We remastered it in ProTools just to clean up some hiss. Otherwise, it’s as close to the original as we can make it. The internet is a marvelous thing. People in this world can be so beautiful. You can download FLAC as well as mp3 files, depending on you technical tastes.